Our product dev cycle

From Ideation to Creation and Delivering your Product



Customer Discovery
Customer Validation
Product strategy and MVP


Product Design

UI/UX Prototype Design
User Interaction Design
Product Prototype Validation



Architecture Design
Front & Back-end Dev
App Development



Product Installation
Verification and testing
Monitoring and support


Growing & Scaling

Product management
Performance Optimization
Continuous Improvement

About web3

New generation of internet

Web3 is the new generation of internet where users interact in a decentralized and transparent manner.

It is based on technologies of blockchain, smart-contracts, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO’s), and more.

Think big, start small, scale fast. From idea to product.

Discovery session

We use our own proven framework “we!path” to develop ideas and conduct research based on pains and needs, enabling us to create the right products from the very beginning.

1 week / 100$ per hour

Prototype & Validate

Team start with minimal steps, like a clickable design prototypes, proof of concept to test working hypotheses. The results used as an important foundation for the further development steps.

3-5 weeks / 50$-100$ per hour

Development and growth (scale)

We!ware guides the journey towards achieving the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and ensures further growth and scalability of the product.

2-6 months / 50-100$ per hour
Web3 benefits

What Web3 opens for your business

In Web3, the trust between members is higher as all community interactions are regulated by smart-contracts.

Innovation business models and marketing strategy as a new way to scale.

Decentralization is an environment for exciting new business models.

Our superpowers

What we.ware gives you


We have knowledge, expertise, and passion to deliver them with the lowest time to market and the highest potential to scale.


We transform business ideas, pains, plans, or needs into productive Web3 products.

How we build

Innovative web3 products

Our method is a compass to guide us through development making it steadfast and predictable.

We take the strongest sides of our platform, framework, and studio and get a great product as a result.

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