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How we.path works

We use the best of Custom Development and Product Development to make a perfect basis for every stage of our work

Discovery and Research

Focusing the effort on the right spot is fundamental for future success. This is why we pay the most careful attention to making sure our objectives and hypotheses are on point.

Our discovery and research is all about meticulous detail. We gather and integrate data from multiple authoritative sources. We build personal connections with the experts to get the latest insight. This stage also includes outlining a user journey and painting our TA’s persona. As a result, we formulate goals and hypotheses with a maximum level of objectivity to make the further stages as productive as they can be.

Validation and MVP

The faster you get feedback, the more effective it is. We are specifically focused on building a minimal viable product.

It is extremely important to test our ideas “in the field”. It is also important to remember that the user's experience with the product is complex and multifaceted. A properly working functionality is no less important than performance and how it feels to interact with the UI. Distributing effort between these domains is challenging and this is why gather feedback on our MVP’s with utmost care.

Development and Testing

In order to work, good ideas require great execution. The latter is impossible without using the best architecture and scaling solutions.

Our development team are huge fans of a lean engineering approach. We believe that the product is good not when there is nothing to add but when there is nothing to be taken away. We always work with an idea of sustainable and predictable growth in mind. Thus, we code and test our products to perform equally good in both a long-term perspective and at a launch stage. Once we are ready to launch, our experts pay close attention to making sure everything works as intended and implement fixes on the go.

Launching and Scaling

Once the product successfully passes the testing phase, we make it available for end users. At the same time, we keep a close attention to incoming feedback and strategize about the ways to scale the product further.

This stage is not the one that has a specific end date. While we transfer the ownership of the product to the business, we are still there to assist with maintenance or performance matters. Plus, as the new owner gets a new vision on how to move the product to the next stage of growth, we provide our technical expertise on how to ensure the product is capable of matching new business goals.

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